Present Projects: At The End There Was A Bar

Postponed til 2022
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Julien Levy
Julien LEVY was born in Paris, and after studying philosophy, he travelled the world as a musician with his punk band. It was while touring that he shot his first photography series and films. He then moved to New York City where he intensified his career as a writer, screenwriter and director. His work adopts a do-it-yourself and highly independent method. Levy has directed various films and music videos, including for Chanel and Miu Miu, and has collaborated with talents such as Kiko Mizuhara, Nana Komastu, Bella Hadid, Nick Cave, and Mono. He has published four books, and has written and directed more than fifteen works of fiction. Levy now lives between Tokyo and Paris.


What pulls a filmmaker back into photography? A pandemic, of course, and the momentary impossibility to shoot movies. Facing this global ennui, Paris-born and Tokyo-based filmmaker Julien Levy shook the dust off his film cameras and stepped outside.


The exhibition explores the duality of a pandemic-ridden city, both dark and luminous, through swooning photos of actors and actresses enduring a forced hiatus — “stars” found in a state of melancholia and intoxication, fading and thriving under the moonlight. 


Based on the concept of the bar as a refuge from memories of freedom and impossible travel, the gallery space will be transformed into a secret bar where Levy’s still and moving images will be presented, with specific programming to encourage intimacy and interaction. Levy’s films will also be screened in local izakayas and bars, where one might unexpectedly encounter art.


* Postponed til 2022. For updates, please visit Present Projects’ IG.


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