Audio-described Session: Cubicle by Chan Hau Chun and China Town by Chien-Chi Chang (with post-screening discussion)

7:30pm - 9:30pm
Audio-Describer / Guest Speaker
Dawning Leung
Dr Leung is the Founder, Programme Director, and Principal Trainer of the Audio Description Association (Hong Kong) (AuDeAHK). She holds a PhD in Translation Studies from University College London.
In Cantonese
Pay As You Wish
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    All visitors must keep their face mask on at all times, go through temperature checks;

    No eating or drinking is allowed inside the theatre;

    The venue reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from the premises any visitor who has a temperature of above 37.5°C or is in violation of any of the health and safety guidelines.


Partnering with Audio Description Association Hong Kong, HKIPF presents our first audio description event: a double film screening.

We trust that in the future, audio description will no longer be regarded as a special service for visually-impaired individuals, but as a sensory option for everyone to experience when encountering a work of art. We can open our eyes and see, or close our eyes and listen: audio description may reveal new ways of understanding, interpreting and being.

The Works

Cubicle|Chan Hau Chun

China Town|Chien-Chi Chang

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