B/W Nostalgia

Chan Yat Nin
Chak Wai Leung, Chan Siu Wing, Chan Ling Wan, Godfrey Chan Tat Yan, Chan Yat Nin, Pancy Cheng Man Shuen, Percy Chuek, Alpha Cheung, Cheung Yick Pan, Kathier Choi Hing Ling, Almond Chu, Ivan Chung Kit Hong, Simon Go Man Ching, Max Kong A Siou, Ben Lee Tak Shing, Leong Ka Tai, Bendick Leung, Ray Leung Chi Hang, Leung Kai Yiu, Elizabeth Liu Yin Yan, Woody Luk Ngai Yeung, Ng Kai Chow, Ng King San, So Hing Keung, Claude Tsang Ka Kit, Tsang Chiu Wai, Wan Lai Ching, Wong Kam Chuen, Wong Tin Chee, Mark Yu


An early prototype of photographic technology, black-and-white silver gelatin prints have become a classic since the invention of photography more than one century ago.


As the silver gelatin process renders post-processing difficult, the B/W images exude a sense of authenticity, purity and depth, along with exquisite yet, subtle tonal gradations, rich texture and luminosity, and of course the lasting, archival quality of the prints themselves. Many photographic artists prefer this analogue imaging process for the challenges it poses and the spontaneity and uncertainty involved – a conscious if not intellectual choice.


The “B/W Nostalgia” exhibition, organised by a group of Hong Kong photographers devoted to silver gelatin traditions, features the work of 26 artists. The series displays a diverse range of photographic and production techniques, from ‘straight’ printing to the more unconventional methods of wet-plate photography and platinotypes.

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