From Araki to Chau Ho Man: On Collecting Photography and Photobooks

2:30 pm - 4:00pm
Lau Ching Ping
Artistic Director, Hong Kong International Photo Festival
In Cantonese
Pay As You Wish


In the era when everyone is a photographer, is it possible for everyone to be a photography collector?

Photographer Lau Ching Ping aims to set an example and share his private collection with the public. Including current collected photographic magazines, books and catalogues, limited edition photography boxes, and original photographs. Regardless of whether you are a fellow or not, we welcome you to join this conversation.

Regarding the various collections on personal preferences, there are also many considerations, like, the foundation of venue space, also material, edition, preservation and framing.

In terms of sources from collecting, aside from visiting art fairs, galleries, auction houses, is it possible to ignore the investment perspective and stay true to one’s interest?

As a photographer, is it possible to think of a new creating method from the perspective of collecting – from printing/publishing to exhibiting and selling? How can a private collection relate to the cultural climate and even to the cultural ecology in the city?

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