Photo Walk

Hong Kong Story at the Border – from Liantang Port to Dai Sang Wai

Tour Facilitators
Photographer John Choy & Fragrant Village founder Sze Ka Yan


With the ‘emergence’ of the Greater Bay Area, the restricted area near the Hong Kong – Chinaborder is disappearing, and blurring, given the merging of China and Hong Kong. Before discussing the changes, let us get to know the history of this restricted area.


The tour begins near the soon-to-be-opened Liantang Port (Heung Yuen Wai) in the northeast and ends at the migratory bird habitat Dai Sang Wai and neighbouring villages in the west. Looking at the urbanized city on the other side of Hong Kong, we can imagine the future of the, ‘New Territories’ and the Belt and Road.


After the tour, HKIPF members can join a dinner at To Yau, a farm-to-table spot in Sheung Shui, for a holistic dining experience.


In Cantonese only.


For more information, please refer to our Chinese website.

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