Ike Cheung: Megalopolis Nebula Post 2019 – Hong Kong

Mon - Fri 3:00pm - 7:00pm ; Sat 2:00pm - 7:00pm (Appointment only for Sat)
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Ike Cheung Lok Man (b.1979) lived in Chicago for ten years and moved back to Hong Kong in 2010. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design with distinction at The Illinois Institute of Art. Cheung practises architectural interior design professionally in Chicago and Hong Kong and contributes his free time to various volunteer work in countries including India, Kenya, Vietnam, China, and the US. In his creations, Ike wanders between calmness and enthusiasm, the rational and sentimental.
Artist guided visit
  • Dates
    16.10, 30.10, 13.11, 27.11.2021
  • Time
  • Language
    Cantonese; English & Mandarin tours available upon request
  • Fee
    Pay as you wish
  • Special Measures
    Any person entering andunderscore must wear a self-provided face mask


It is growing darker than the darkest.

Ironically, stars are brightest in the darkest sky.

When we see stars through the mist of a nebula, we are looking back in time.

Traces of history have been washed, corroded, erased.

Yet memories are still embedded in our minds.

The immersive memoir of this megalopolis, stars of the nebula of our time, before dawn.

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