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cucurrucucu, Starry Kong, Liao Jiaming
cucurrucucu, a millennial, nomad, likes to get inspired by second-hand and discarded materials. She graduated from San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives in Hong Kong. She has a day job, and only appears after dark to make art.

Starry Kong
KONG is a Melbourne-based visual artist who was born in Kunming, China. She obtained an Honours degree in photography from RMIT University, Australia in 2020. Starry is interested in the intangible and inexpressible sentiments that are characteristic to humankind. She explores this phenomenon through her own experiences of loss, grief, alienation and her long-term mental illness, which has become the foundation and origin of her creative practice. Kong uses photography as the primary medium to express her inner feelings and thoughts; metaphor and symbolisation constitute her visual language.

Liao Jiaming
LIAO (b.1992) lives and works in Hong Kong. He obtained his BA in Journalism from Sun Yat-sen University in 2016, and his MFA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong in 2019. He is interested in human emotions, especially those evoked by social interactions and technological advancements. He shuttles between the physical and virtual world, manipulating images and being in this moment of time.
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Reality Overdose is a series of three image-based exhibitions, a discourse on personal identity and fundamental existence. 


In Waste Not, cucurrucucu uses images from ready-made printed materials to break down the reality they once represented to extend to new imaginaries, an approach to unbosom herself as she wanders between conflicting understandings of her own reality. In You Can’t Walk This Earth Forever; Someday You Will Have To Fly, Starry Kong photographs animated beings and scenes to which she is deeply connected and provides glittery and phantasmagoric visual effects, reflecting on her contemplation of her significance in the larger scheme of the universe and meanings of life in the face of death. In Till Love Do Us Apart, Liao Jiaming works with images of the human body and cityscape to create photo installations. He questions the social norms that hold the reins to our understanding of ideal lovers, and seeks liberation from such a formula from the perspective of queer identity.


Reality Overdose as a whole demonstrates individual experiences of how our self-awareness and understanding of life are confined by the realities which we are born into, and how we can use such realities as vessels for authentic self-expression. The series is curated by Yang Jiang.



cucurrucucu: Waste Not


Starry Kong: You Can’t Walk This Earth Forever; Someday You Will Have To Fly
*online exhibition


Liao Jiaming: Till Love Do Us Apart

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