Jimmi Ho Wing Ka: So close and yet so far away

10:00am - 10:00pm
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Jimmi HO Wing Ka
Jimmi Ho Wing Ka (b. 1993) is a photographer based in Hong Kong and the UK. In his work, he utilises classical genres of portrait and landscape to investigate political issues and social changes, such as the identity crisis associated with the current socio-political situation in Hong Kong.
Ho relies on intuition and devotes himself to creating a poetic language of photography, using nature's growth and migration as the metaphor.
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So close and yet so far away originates from the contemplation of self-identity and explores the relationship between history and identity. It is a dialogue between Hong Kong people about the history and future of our city and its social-political environment. 

My capturing of tranquil moments in their daily lives divulges the reality of the recent emigration of Hong Kong people to the United Kingdom, uncovering the vanishing faces and historical landscapes of Hong Kong. I attempt to record the finiteness of Hong Kong people and the calmness that arises in their surroundings.

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