Elaine Wong: The Ashes of Tomorrow

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Elaine WONG
Elaine Wong Suk Yin, from Hong Kong, received her Master of Fine Art (Creative Media) from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. With a background in painting, Wong explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. She regards her practice as an investigation of the potential of art beyond representation, and its relation to sensation, documentation and experience.

Her works have been shown in Hong Kong and international art spaces, including the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (2018), Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (2018), EXIS Korea (2017), and Poland Szczecin European Film Festival (2017).
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When concussion happens, what can we do but be caught up in the rupture of reality?


The show includes a body of photographic works related to the experiences of imagined conditions of a post-concussion syndrome, where the usual daily situations are disrupted. I intend to express the incomprehensible connections among the layered realities of living related to our feelings and imaginations.


The project is an attempt to stretch the possibility of images by exploring the materiality of the medium and intermedia possibilities. The works are developed through experimental exercises to investigate the relationship of movement and time in images, light and space.

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