What Do You Want For Tomorrow?

Dr Tang Ying Chi, Wong Wo Bik
CHO Yeou Jui, CHU Wing Man Zoe, LAM Wai Kit, LAM Yuk Lin, LO Yuen Man Yvonne, Gretchen SO, Zoie SO, TANG Ying Chi, TANG Ying Mui Grace, WONG Wo Bik, YIU Miu Lai Joe


“What Do You Want For Tomorrow?” attempts to take photography as a starting point from which to examine how its related technology and concepts have influenced the contemporary perception of images images. Twelve female artists are invited to expand their work from photography to other art forms. While shedding lights on their respective artistic discourses, the theme of ‘tomorrow’ opens up new discussions – will technological advancement change the way we see and interpret our future?

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