Zero Lai & Hailey Cheung: 108 Impressions ∞ Hong Kong – Between Remembering and Forgetting

Artist Talk
Zero Lai╳Chuk Yin Man╳Flora Wan
8:30PM 25.05.2020|Facebook Live|In Cantonese
Image Makers
  • Zero LAI
    Born in 1993, Zero Lai graduated in Advertising Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is a designer and a photographic artist who specialises in architecture, portraiture and cityscape photography. Lai was awarded second runner-up in the 2016 IPPAWARDS.

  • Hailey CHEUNG
    Hailey Cheung recently began her creative explorations. With a background in healthcare, she sees the world with sensitivity and empathy. Bringing together the past and present in this project, Cheung invites viewers to look at Hong Kong as we live in through a different perspective.
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If only we could wander around Hong Kong through time to document the transient places and faces before all is gone and forgotten.


Beginning their journey in Beijing, image makers Zero and Hailey illustrate the differences between how places used to be and how they are today by juxtaposing the present with old photographs in the same frame.


Connecting the present with their pasts in 108 photographs: Are we rediscovering ourselves or are we saying farewell to the past?


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