Klaus Capra: The Other Sky

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Klaus Capra, born in Genoa, Italy, in 1986, is a photographer, filmmaker and video artist living in Hong Kong. He has worked in Shanghai and Italy. His photography and video work have been screened and exhibited in Pompidou, France and Hong Kong, and have also been shortlisted for the Athens International Photo Festival.
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In my ongoing photo and video essay “The Other Sky”, I am observing the contemporaneity around me – the effect of the flow of time on the present, and the dream (memory) of place within a post-truth world seemingly stretched out of linear space and time.


The still and moving images that make this investigation were shot mostly in Hong Kong and Shanghai, two closely linked metropolises that have undergone heavy changes. Space itself in these contemporary cities was, and is still, shrinking and expanding according to the needs and habits of its population that is also in constant flux. Does memory survive within a narrative perpetually rearranging itself?


With “The Other Sky”, I’m attempting to record and order impressions of collective memory.

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