Raúl Hernández: Losing Farther, Losing Faster

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Born in 1988, Raúl Hernández is a Spanish photographer currently based in Hong Kong. He is cofounder of BlackMountain Books and his personal work focuses on memories and life cycles. He has published several photobooks, taken part in numerous international group exhibitions, and his book Riverbed was selected among the best photobooks of the year in the international photography festival PHotoEspaña (Spain) 2016.


Living abroad involves a constant adaptation to the environment, requiring different ways to relate with it, striving to learn a language and, progressively, to assimilate the things one has left or lost on the road. Throughout this process one can reach some kind of truth or become disoriented.


The genesis of this project does not coincide with my arrival in Hong Kong in 2014, but with my move into the neighborhood of Mong Kok, three years later. At that time, my intention was to reconcile with a city from which I felt far away, unable to adapt to its fickle nature. I wasn’t yet aware that a large part of its essence is in the ephemeral, in what will eventually disappear, and that those who best capture that spirit are us – foreigners.

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