Fion Hung Ching Yan: I Wanted To Be A Mother

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Fion HUNG Ching Yan
Born in 1993, Fion Hung Ching Yan is a Hong Kong photographic artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2016. She primarily creates works based on photography, images and text. A central topic she is exploring is family relationships and conflicts within Chinese culture, and the use of colours, forms and shapes of objects are important elements in her work. To Be Used Someday received a WMA Young Talent Award in 2016, presented by the BA Graduation Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University. Hung’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Germany and Italy.


This is a photographic series reflecting on the influence of family on the artist’s sense of self: Hung was born and raised in a conservative Chinese family that had full control of her early life with a series of ‘rules’ she had to follow. Many things she did seemed unpleasant to her family, as if she broke those rules. This lifestyle made Hung feel a sense of cold violence; she also felt the lack of love. As Hung grew up, she realized that many family rules and values were naturally applied on her daily practices, although she didn’t agree with many of them.


For this series, Hung collected and photographed objects that hold family memories. She uses the forms and colours of the objects to refer to the familial pressure she has experienced, with the work also revealing a desire of freeing herself from the family rules.

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