Book as a Medium of Expression

Onishi Hiroshi
Founded Case Publishing in 2015, he has a mission to expand the book form into a rich and multifaceted art platform by working together with Japanese galleries and international artists. In September 2017, Case Publishing opened exhibition spaces in Tokyo and Rotterdam which serve as places of cultural exchange for local communities.
In Japanese with Cantonese Interpretation


Books continue to grow beyond their historic role as an information medium.


Especially in the field of photobooks, the concerted efforts of specialised experts with a shared set of values has led to the production of books going beyond merely reproducing original artworks. When all parts of a photobook’s publishing process are aligned, the result can possess the potential to develop a new, sublime power of expression.


In this talk, Onishi Hiroshi, founder of Case Publishing, Japan, will share his experiences in creating a wide range of photobooks in three main models: photobooks-as-catalogues, which reproduce works with minimal intervention; photobooks-as-books, which allow photographers to express their vision without compromise; and photobooks as a form of collective expression, in which artists and specialists from a diversity of fields work together to create an encompassing, new book form, one that surpasses individual expression.

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