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Chantisa Decaux: Subconsciously Cloned

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Chantisa Decaux
Chantisa DECAUX or Hardie (b. 1997, Bangkok) currently lives and works in Bangkok. She completed her Bachelor of Fine and Applied Art (Photography) from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2020. Currently, she works for the women's online magazine, BONDED. Her works are mainly influenced by her personal feelings, memories and experiences from people around her, such as her family and friends. By using various objects as symbols to tell stories and lighting to show emotions, her work gives the audience an insight into her identity.
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Mainstream media has an immense influence on us, to the point where their values become the social norms that society subconsciously follows. Subconsciously Cloned depicts a person that has been constantly exposed to these influences, until they eventually become a clone of others.

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