Stephanie Ng Yim Ling: Do not go gentle into that good night

11:00am - 8:00pm
Image Maker
Stephanie NG Yim Ling
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ng has been running around taking pictures with a film camera since she was little. Over the years, she has developed an irreversible bond with film and photography, and ultimately made it an inseparable part of her life: she has made a career in it.
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The night is dark with only plants and street lights.

Shadows flicker and sway with the wind, or sometimes stay quiet in tranquillity.

As I step into the hush of the night, a frightened soul calls for help.

The shackled soul, captive.

Who’s out there to hear?

In the still of the night, all sounds and colours are engulfed in darkness. 

There’s only nothingness.

I’m lost in the dark. Invisible. Unheard.

At the end of day, what’s out there shining against the dark and consoling the restless soul?

In the colourless and silent nights, each movement blazes against the dying of the light.

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