Cody Wong: Fused

Image Maker
Experienced documentary photographer, who in recent years has turned to contemporary photography, hoping to find himself and discover greater possibilities through critical and creative practice. In 2019, he completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography at the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education.
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Silent Photos, Howling Memories.


Having been a photojournalist since 1995, frequently travelling between Hong Kong, China and Macau, I have accumulated an archive of images in film and digital over the past 20 years. In time, my memory of these individual images fused with my subconscious into different amalgams. By re-presenting these memory amalgams in image form I try to comprehend the working of my deeper consciousness and so doing that I shall re-create new memories, which in turn form my new consciousness, and the new me…




The Autumn of 2019 was a different kind of autumn, a heartbreaking one. I chose not to record the bloody scenes of the frontline as a photojournalist. Instead, I captured the aftermath with Polaroids in deep sorrow.

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