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Huang Jiao (Ng Kiò): On The Contrary (fusion)

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Huang Jiao (Ng Kiò)
HUANG Jiao (NG Kiò) is passionate in pursuing image-based practices. She is keen on experimenting with forms of photographic, audio, and video works and using diary-like methods to represent conflicting identities and her own positionality. She became a mother in 2017 and her most impressive record in life is that she dreamt in her sleep every night for several years.
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During my attempt to capture the inner consciousness of a drug user, I have come to see two different selves coexisting within me. Between using and not using drugs, between being unmarried and becoming a mother by accident, I let these selves develop and exist as manifestations of my emotions. Transforming the images taken under the emotional influence brought on by each self, Ipresent them as both static, documented moments and as a testament to the continuity and fluidity of time and its influence.

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