Sharing Session

Becoming Image: New Horizons of Taiwanese Photography (with post-screening discussion)

3:00pm - 5:00pm
Lightbox Photo Library
Established in 2016, Lightbox Photo Library expands upon the free, open and public nature of both photography and library, as it undertakes the work of collecting and organising publications of Taiwanese photography. It strives to create a positive cycle of cultural autonomy, knowledge equity, and resource-sharing.
Miao Chih Shan
Cheng Ting Ting
Tsao Liang Pin
Tang Kwok Hin
A mixed-media artist in Hong Kong, TANG obtained his Master of Fine Art degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His work originates with inquiries into his own background as an indigenous inhabitant of the “New Territories”, exploring the meaning of existence and the intimate aesthetics related to his life journey and experiences. These ideas are realised in his works, in which he blurs the boundaries between art and life. By integrating art and the contradictions of human life, he attempts to reveal the deeper essences, the tensions of binary systems, and the rhythms of perception, often demonstrating long gazes of fleeting moments. Tang also appropriates and reconstructs texts of the everyday, including personal stories, especially those that touch upon upbringing, heritage, freedom, capitalism, consumerism, nature, politics, and society.
Guest Speaker
Chris Wan
Chris WAN Feng, a curator and art critic, currently works and lives in Hong Kong. His art writing can be found in various media publications, such as Artforum (mainland Chinese online version) and ARTouch ( Taiwan). Chris’s recent research and curation focuses on the development of local art systems and the creation of emerging artists in Hong Kong. He is also the founding editor of the independent art review collective, which supports the local art community through planning and organising various art critique series.
Primarily in Mandarin
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In a world where the camera lens is ubiquitous, everyone is subject and photographer. We are making images and becoming ones; while we share images, we are also being presented by them. Some say images are taken, some think images are made; and in today’s deluge of images, some argue that images are selected.

How can we think reflexively on the politics of the image in the relational tension between taking and being taken, making and being made, presenting and being presented? How to depict the ever-changing ethical boundaries in the computational technology and circulation mechanism of images, and the current social context of the Internet? Is photography free? Are images equal? Does art require consensus, empathy?

The selected five transmedia works in this exhibition derive from the Co-creation Workshop organised by Lightbox Photo Library this year. The three mentors — Cheng Ting Ting, Miao Chih Shan and Tsao Liang Pin — employed a quadratic voting procedure via online meetings to deliberate on the ten works, selecting five, and assigning the sequence for screening.

Huang Jiao, Tang Zuo Xin, Ma Yu Chen, Lin Yu En, and Chen Yan Cheng, the five young creators in Becoming Image: New Horizons of Taiwanese Photography, have created works with diverse themes, ranging from the psychological world of drug users, the disintegration and conflict of self-awareness, the struggle for housing justice, the reinterpretation of family history, the dialogue and gaps between generations, and how photography alters travel and memory.

Their works reflect real-life experiences in local communities and how people understand and respond to the external reality as well as their inner emotions. It is hoped that this exhibition will help the public rethink and reimagine the nature of photography and the potential of images, particularly from the perspective of co-creation. Perhaps viewers can discern the change and constancy of reality in our world of appearances and relationships.


The Works

Huang Jiao (Ng Kiò): On The Contrary (fusion)
Tang Zuo Xin: Daguan Community, My Home
Lin Yu En: Missing memories
Ma Yu Chen: Family memory book
Chen Yan Cheng: KOI

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