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Jakkrit Moungpueak: DEEP

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Jakkrit Moungpueak
Born and raised in Northeast Thailand, Jakkrit MOUNGPUEAK (b. 1997) lives in Chiang Mai. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Moungpueak is interested in capturing chemical reactions, optical illusions, and motion.
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Chemical reactions, optical illusions, and the motion of light, colour, and shape in scientific experiments: this series presents the concept of the changing universe, at once so familiar and idiosyncratic.

Humans have an endless imagination. Here I offer a glimpse into my vivid thoughts, an amalgamation of vision, perception and emotion spawned from the imagination, visual experiences, and theories of art and science. 

In many works of art lies a beautiful dance between light, colour, liquid and temperature, arousing our curiosity and entrapping our gaze. On an acrylic sheet, I mix acrylic colours and water and capture their manifold shapes, hues and shimmers.

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