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Parn Poparisuth: Red Pilgrimage

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Parn Poparisuth
Parn POPARISUTH was born in Bangkok in 1997, growing up in a Thai-Chinese family near Chinatown. Poparisuth explores gender and sexuality in her art, through herself and Thai culture. Her work focuses on ideas surrounding women and the responsibilities that are adhered to the female stereotype, such as the roles of being a mother, a daughter and a wife.
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This series explores the concept and act of the pilgrimage walk, a journey which, in Buddhism, has been historically exclusively for men. In Red Pilgrimage, Poparisoth photographs herself with a red vanity table and chair, and dressed in white to signify the holy experience of self-discovery and -reflection. With this vanity set and another layer is her reading of the Thai classic Lakorn Nork (folk drama), Sang Thong — The Prince of the Golden Conch, extending the visual experience into a work of performance art. 

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