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Sanpat Vadhanasingha: Memento Mori

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Sanpat Vadhanasingha
Sanpat VADHANASINGHA has been working as a photographer in Thailand since 2011. His work has been featured in several fashion magazines, music albums and singles, as well as advertisements across the country. His passion lies in portrait photography and conceptual art. Vadhanasingha also enjoys exchanging ideas with people and has worked on projects promoting youth culture and democracy.
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In Thai with English and Chinese subtitles


Gone are our shells, but never our names.

When we lose a loved one, we are overwhelmed by the feeling of grief that is beyond words. Perhaps the only thing we can do is to try to be strong again.

But remember, we all have to die— an undeniable truth, which no one can escape from. What you choose to do with it, however, is entirely up to you.

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