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Wang Hsiang Lin: Invisibility

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Wang Hsiang Lin
After receiving her Master’s Degree in Music Performance from the City University of New York, WANG Hsiang Lin (b. 1984, Taipei) received photography training at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. Working predominantly with images, most of her artwork is related to her personal experiences, examining the relationship between oneself and the world through her own connection with her external environment. She is recently revisiting the concept of cryptomnesia, exploring the uncertainties with time and space, seeking to explore different ways of seeing by departing from images embedded in her memory.
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Invisibility draws upon a childhood memory, reconstructing a strange encounter with space-time misplacement on a trip with Wang’s parents to the seashore and questioning memory, imagination and reality. A long take witnesses the burning of a triangular installation by the sea. Over time, as the foreground (the installation) fades away, the background (the sea) emerges to engulf the frame, simultaneously revealing the imperceptible transformations under way.

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