Peggy Lei: Good Morning. Did you know?

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Peggy LEI
Peggy Lei, born and raised in Macao, has been based in Hong Kong since 2016.
She received a Master of Arts in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2020.
To further her research on the role of internet memes in visual culture and social media, Lei explores the relationship between text and image in her art practice. She attempts to communicate her own story and way of seeing through the combined use of image and text.


When people say ‘the situation in Hong Kong is getting worse’, I really can’t relate to this experience because I have no reference point. I moved to Hong Kong from Macao in 2016. As a ‘new immigrant’, my source of information about this city has always been provided by my father, who is from Hong Kong. I always remember him talking about the ‘Lion Rock Spirit’ being a core value of Hong Kong.

Using ‘elder graphics’ as a medium, Good Morning. Did you know?is both a response to my father’s beautiful memories of Hong Kong, and also an expression of my feelings about what has been happening since I have come to live here.

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