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Kamonlak Sukchai: Chao Thai Jao Aoey

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Kamonlak Sukchai
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We have freedom. Because We are Thai. There is A King who has sovereignty.
Our most important duty is to honour Thailand, Land of the King.
The most important duty as a Thai is to honour the Nation.

Patriotism in Thailand is like a zombie: it attempts to penetrate everyday life and pass mindlessly through generations. A popular patriotic song, Chao Thai Jao Aoey (My Dear Thai People), created after WWII during the 1950s, is proof of its long existence. The pandemic situation has worsened under the control of an incompetent government. People are dying every single day by Covid-19 and suicide, yet they continued to manipulate people with campaigns like “Stay at home for your country” or “Get vaccinated for your country”. The government has failed in providing enough effective vaccinations and has forced lockdowns without compensation or support, yet people have to pretend to be alive under a dead management.

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