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Pakorn Musikaboonlert: Portraits of Imperishable Beauty

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Pakorn Musikaboonlert
A photographer and composer, MUSIKABOONLERT has produced for filmmakers and artists, and provided music direction for various live performances since 1998. He is also a member of several bands, including Siam Secret Service, Knock the Knock, and White Rose.
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This series of work was inspired by orchids at the last stage of their lives, flowers I had kept since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand in March 2020. The stages of blooming to wilting made me reflect on all life –– existence and impermanence. 

These portraits were taken with Kodak Eastman 5222, a 35mm motion picture stock. Rather than creating moving frames with it, I captured images of stillness.

The music score Imperishable Beauty was written by Viveka and Vehement, and performed live to the slideshow with analogue synthesiser and electric piano to evoke an unexpected, organic dialogue of the two instruments.

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