Gary Ng: my cycle diary

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Gary NG
Gary Ng is an independent photographer born and based in Hong Kong. He explores his inner self through documentations of feelings, thoughts and memories evoked by the details in daily life. He has been selected as a Finalist in the Three Shadow Photography Arts Award, and has exhibited his work in Hong Kong, Beijing, India, USA, UK and Hungary. He has published two photobooks titled "my cycle diary" and "1+1=3".
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When I was small, I used to follow my parents around on my bicycle everyday, watching every sunset by the sea on Cheung Chau island, where I grew up. Those were some of my happiest memories, but as I took wings from my parents, they too faded away.


In 2017, my son was born. I started to look at things from a father’s point of view. I went back to where I grew up with my camera. What I saw was not just landscapes or places, but memories and stories of fatherhood, family and the land.

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