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Natthaya Thaidecha & Daniel Huete: Eclipse

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Natthaya Thaidecha & Daniel Huete
Natthaya THAIDECHA (b.1994, Thailand) is a visual artist working with image, video and sound. She uses photography to communicate her experiences and emotions. Thaidecha earned her Bachelor Degree in Cinema and Digital Media at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a member of the Bad Eyes collective.

Daniel Huete
Daniel HUETE (b.1989, Spain) is a self-taught visual artist and educator. A year after leaving Spain for the US at the age of 17, he moved to Asia where he has continued to stay for the past ten years. His work revolves around lived experiences and the relationship he has with the world. Huete is currently based between South Korea and Thailand. He is a member of the Bad Eyes collective.
Place of Origin
Thailand / Spain
In Thai with English and Chinese subtitles


Where does light go to escape? Does it settle itself between the crests and troughs of shadows?

Eclipse is merely one chapter in a long journey which we began in an attempt to face our intrinsic, traumatic memories –– ones about death and uncertainty, pain and fear, that live in our subconscious.

Connecting moments that exist in different times and places in a single voice, Eclipse symbolises momentary darkness. It also stands for the inseparable continuity of life/death as a cycle.

Together, we traversed the deep dark ocean to find the light that exists despite its bitter cold, and the courage to revisit our memories.

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