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Saadul Islam: Inel

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Saadul Islam
A self-taught musician turned sound artist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saadul ISLAM began experimenting with sound speakers from a very young age, trying to understand how sound and acoustics work and react in a physical space. His first instrument was the electric guitar, which sparked his interest in the synthetic spectrum of tonality. He then started working with processors and guitar tones, at times going beyond the aspects of melody to explore further tonal frequencies. Islam has collaborated with many musicians of various genres over the years, and later in his career, started producing background scores for films. He has also composed for many different projects, which piqued his interest in exploring sound/soundscape as a medium in its aural and physical aspects.
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Inel intends to create an experience through sound and light–– an installation giving physicality to intangible forms. The work draws on the artist’s personal journey of healing. Through a period of transition and reflection, the shaping of new found spaces emerged. The immersive soundscape infused with light depicts a personal quest and, at the same time, offers the viewer a space for contemplation.

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