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Chobi Mela International Festival Of Photography: [Off] Limits

ASM Rezaur Rahman, Sarker Protick and Tanzim Wahab
Video Editor
Sarker Protick


As part of this year’s hybrid programming for Chobi Mela, the longest-running international photo biennale in Asia, curators ASM Rezaur Rahman, Sarker Protick and Tanzim Wahab put together [Off] Limits. In the midst of our global crisis, this compilation highlights the works of 14 South Asian artists that reflect on the past and present, discussing elements that are often forgotten in the pandemic.

The artists highlight the spontaneous actions of critical citizenship, testing and pushing the boundaries as a form of happening, without trying to overly define the assemblage. Equally, as we self-isolate, a mindful pause becomes a self-generating concern. A pause doesn’t mean not choosing; it means being able to choose the art one wishes to save, with all the risks and dangers that go along with such a choice.

The multidisciplinary selection is a surge of shared expression, both personal and political; swarming up forms that are organic, in flux, personal, representational and non-representational, almost devoid of an organised form.

Chobi Mela shares the values of social justice that underpin their collective work.

The Works


Portrait of a Protest|Ronny Sen|India

Shadow Lives|Nida Mehboob|Pakistan

Wish you live long| Sumit Dayal|India

Bor-Porong|Duburider Atmokothon|Autobiography of the Drowned|Samari Chakma & Naeem Mohaiemen|Bangladesh

Ka Dingiei|Aishwarya Arumbakkam|India

Stealing Earth|Karan Shrestha|Nepal

Stay Home, Sisters|Uma Bista|Nepal

Confrontations|Bunu Dhungana|Nepal

Letter from an unborn child|Thotkata|Bangladesh

A Nation with No Cure|Mahmud Hossain Opu|Bangladesh

Torn|Salma Abedin Prithi| Bangladesh

Time could not be kept at bay|Yasmin Jahan Nupur|Bangladesh

Intimacies|Kushal Ray|India

Inel|Saadul Islam|Bangladesh

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