Au Tze Long: (Stories of) Little Beasts

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Au Tze Long
AU Tze Long sees photography as a sublimation from reality to spirituality. A graduate of the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, she was awarded a scholarship through the Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards in 2017. Her first photo-book Intosomnia was published in 2018, and in 2018-19 she held solo photography exhibitions in Hong Kong and Tainan, Taiwan. Au is also an indie singer in two bands - Carame/ and Artichoke Heart -- her music interests are diverse, from dream pop to improvising ritual chant.
Closing Performance
By Artichoke Heart (music), Nujande (dance & poetry), Canace (painting)
31.05.2020 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm | ACO & Facebook Live
Guided Meditation
08-09.05.2020 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm | Facebook Live


(Stories of) Little Beasts is a timeless photography project. Itʼs tailored, private and intimate for you. This is about your inner beast, combining your existing and unidentified characteristics, the ultimate form of realness and dreams.


As someone who will finally become history, the only evidence that you leave to the offspring could be about: a witch, a killer, an anarchist, a genderfluid, a past-life drowning memory, or other forms that are not humanlike such as Venus, a black hole, a tree, or a card reading.


We must become ourselves, and even create ourselves to refuse to be destroyed, also, to recognize our tribes, cults and histories.


Watch the closing performance


Watch the guided meditation

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