United Social Press: The Turmoil

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United Social Press (USP)
United Social Press (USP) is a local non-profit news media founded in 2013. Initiated during the protest against the implementation of national education, a group of photographers and editors who shared the same visions and values came together as one to report on social movements in the city. Since then, USP has expanded its scope to cover both local and overseas incidents of significance.

Empowered by their images and written words, USP aims to record the truth of our times.


This photo exhibition is inspired by Liu Yichang’s short novel The Turmoil, about the Hong Kong 1967 Leftist Riots.

The Turmoil describes objects from the 1967 riots. Through developing stories of different objects, the novel reflects the relationship between the people and objects in the city.

Living in Hong Kong during this turbulent time, we once again ask the emotionless objects to speak for themselves. Will the story of ‘objects’ be isolated from that of the ‘people’ and reveal another system of values?

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