Oneness Zeng: Agantu-klesa – The Future of Nostalgia

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Oneness ZENG
A Chinese artist based in Hong Kong, Zeng completed her MA in Linguistics in 2014 and is currently pursuing an MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise at Central Saint Martins School (UAL). Practicing experimental photography, Zeng's work melds traditional oriental aesthetics with western art techniques in a growing modern context. Deeply rooted in her personal history, Zeng's practice focuses on self-identity and cultural memory.

Zeng has worked on documentaries throughout Asia, her LGBT documentary Still Silence won the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative Grant in 2017. She also held a solo exhibition this year at Gallery Conceal in Tokyo.
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I focus on the interpretation of memory, observing its properties concerning my self- reflection of repeatedly uprooting from home. By dissecting its multi-faceted layers and stripping away the confinement of time, I try to capture the sentiments of longing and drifting by portraying static images in a fluid state.


The series of prints presented are inspired by pivotal moments in my life. Operating between painting and photography, the dim, dreamlike qualities in my works induces a feeling of transmutation and haze. The viewers are invited to immerse themselves and recall their own pasts.

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