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Queer Human Library

Pong Yat Ming
Founder of Human Library Hong Kong
Human Books On Loan
  • Nelson Tang Chak Man
    His series “Where are you going? Where have you been?” is a continued documentation of Hong Kong from the social movement in 2019 to the ongoing pandemic. It is also a process for him to come to terms with his emotional trajectory having been a frontline student photojournalist in the past 17 months.
  • Monique Yim
    Her project “The Daily Norm” challenges normality and otherness through her self-representation in some of the most mundane situations.
  • Fung Ming Sum
    Her project “The Couple” questions eight Hongkongers’ perception of lesbians via photography, drawing and dialogues.
  • N Kwong
    Her project “Qu▸▸r” creates temporary interventions of the coded pink triangle in the street and at home, to allude to the omnipresence of queerness in the quotidian.


The nine emerging LGBTQ+ image makers of the exhibition Unruly Visions have each their unique concerns and aesthetic strategies. Four of them will be available for “reading” in this Queer Human Library, hosted by the founder of Human Library Hong Kong Pong Yat Ming. We welcome readers of all ages and backgrounds to come get to know the work, stories and concerns through creative, inclusive, and courageous dialogue with this group of queer image makers.


Session 27.1.2021: Nelson Tang Chak Man & Monique Yim
Session 3.2.2021: N Kwong & Fung Ming Sum


Due to the pandemic, the event will be conducted in a hybrid way of online and offline format. You may participate in-person by pre-registration (limited seats available), or online by watching the livestream on the HKIPF Facebook page @HKIPF.HKPCA and leaving your questions or thoughts in the comment section.


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