Unruly Visions

Image Makers
Rain Chan Wing Ki, Fung Ming Sum, WY Kwan, N Kwong, Green Mok, Nelson Tang Chak Man, Mac Tsang, Wiency Wong and Monique Yim
Tse Ka-Man
Focusing on gender and LGBTQ issues through a diasporic lens, Tse was the recipient of the 2019 Aaron Siskind Photographer’s Fellowship, the 2018 Aperture Portfolio Prize, and a Research Award from Yale University Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies. In Hong Kong, she has exhibited her work Lumenvisum and Para Site. Her monograph, "narrow distances" was published by Candor Arts in 2018.
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“Queerness is that thing that lets us feel that this world is not enough, that indeed something is missing.”

– José Esteban Muñoz, Cruising Utopia




Set out to bring together LGBTQ+ image makers and facilitate the development of their practices, and to carve space for expressions of the LGBTQ+ community, the exhibition is an outcome of Photography as Witness, Memory, Activism, and Recognition photography workshop led by New York based photographer, video artist, and educator TSE Ka-Man from 2019 to 2020 for nine emerging LGBTQ+ image makers in Hong Kong. Amidst the ongoing challenges in Hong Kong since 2019, Tse stresses the importance of a queer sensibility, of using queer aesthetic practices as a tool to reframe our thinking and to resist erasure.


What does it mean to work as an LGBTQ+ artist at this time in Hong Kong? Is queer futurity possible? How do we negotiate shared meanings; how do we question and unsettle? 


The exhibition presents a wide range of concerns through various aesthetic strategies from the nine image makers Rain CHAN Wing Ki, FUNG Ming Sum, WY KWAN, N KWONG, Green MOK, Nelson TANG Chak Man, Mac TSANG, Wiency WONG and Monique YIM – ranging from responses to political situation in Hong Kong, responses to specific LGBTQ+ issues such as same-sex marriage, semiotics, gay cruising, and perceptions of gender, to a portrayal of a queer utopia.

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